Sedation Dentistry

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Finally—sedation dentistry comes to Nixa, Missouri! Perfect for the “dental coward,” our No. 1 priority is to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed while at Nixa Smiles.  Dental anxiety and phobia is extremely common. Many studies estimate more than 40 million Americans avoid or put off dental care due to their anxiety.

Contact us at Nixa Smiles, where we take pride in seeing patients with dental anxiety. Our office has been designed around this specific patient. We have included many relaxing features to help ease and comfort.  

Thanks to our large, private rooms, relaxing scents, warm facial towels, large TVs, neck rests, beverage center, comfortable chairs, many will find it easy to forget you are at the dental office! Smiling, nonjudgmental staff that listens to each and every patient will relieve your mind.

We Take the Time Necessary to Keep You Comfortable

Drs. Kelly and Steve Dove, in addition to their many years of experience, have taken additional training to help the very fearful. We understand these patients take more time and typically need more dental care. 

We take much care to gently explain to the patient what they will feel and for how long. We ask permission to begin and continue, and we always give the patient the ability to take breaks or stop the procedure at any time.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

At Nixa Smiles, our biggest advantage for sedation dentistry is the use of minimal conscious sedation used in combination with laughing gas. 

For oral conscious sedation, a medication is given the night before the appointment to allow the patient to get a good night sleep. The next morning, another medication is given for the dental appointment.

Laughing gas can be added over the patient’s nose for a slightly higher level of sedation. Once these factors are in place, the patient can truly have the full relaxation experience.

Safety Is Always the Top Priority

We take the safety of our patients very seriously at Nixa Smiles. During the appointment, we monitor each patient’s vital signs by using a pulse oximeter and blood-pressure monitor. This monitor measures blood pressure every five minutes and continuously measures pulse rate and blood oxygen before, during, and after a sedation procedure.

Drs. Kelly and Steve Dove have dental-specific, advanced cardiac life support training (ACLS) and certification in addition to basic life support (BLS).

Advanced Technology Not Found at Most Dental Offices

Equipped with advanced technology well above the average dental office, Nixa Smiles has the most up-to-date emergency equipment and medications available. Patient safety is always our most important goal.

Other Uses for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry isn’t just for fearful patients. We encourage patients to use minimal conscious sedation for longer appointments to help relax the jaw muscles. Sedation dentistry is also good for patients who find it difficult to take off multiple days of work to complete their dental care. This type of sedation will allow Dr. Dove to be able to accomplish more care in one setting.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry

If you are considering sedation dentistry and wish to learn more about the process or sedation methods, contact us at 417-708-9098 to schedule a consultation at Nixa Smiles today.

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