Dental Guarantee

Yes, We Offer a Dental Guarantee!

We understand dentistry is a health investment and a large out-of-pocket expense for most of our patients. For patients that continue with regular six-month exams and dental cleanings, dental work will be warrantied and replaced if completed at Nixa Smiles within five years.

The Fine Print

Some dental services are not included in this warranty, and of course, the warranty is voided if a regular exam and cleaning are missed, but contact our office for the complete details.

Want to Protect Your Smile Even More?

If you would like to boost the Nixa Smiles five-year dental-work guarantee, we suggest you consider the extended warranty coverage benefits offered by My Dental Warranty. Plans vary, but for a small fee, you can ensure your dental coverage against all kinds of real-world mishaps, such as accidents and popcorn kernels. 

You can even get coverage for when your dog chews your dental appliance (it happens all the time). If you’d like to learn more, contact us or explore the details on

Contact Us to Learn More

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