Dental Implants

Have you struggled with missing teeth? Do you smile with your teeth hidden? Is it harder to chew food than it used to be? Have you tried conventional dentures and not enjoyed the way they moved on your gums?

Are Dental Implants Your Answer?

If you have any of these challenges, dental implants could solve them. Each dental implant can restore a single missing tooth or support dentures. Together, they can bring back your unique smile and help you chew better.

If you have dentures that fall out or move too much, dental implants can make your dentures rock-solid. They won’t slide around any more. Plus, they’ll work better during chewing.

In another option, you can replace each of your teeth with dental implants and individual crowns. Under that plan, you wouldn’t need dentures at all.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a permanent tooth root made out of top-quality titanium. Your dental team will place it in your jaw, where it will naturally become a strong, solid part of your mouth. It can work just as well as a natural tooth root.

We can then place a dental crown on an implant to replace a single tooth. Or we can attach dentures to several dental implants.

Whether you get crowns or dentures, we’ll pick the right materials and colors to make them look natural when you smile. You’ll be able to grin again, along with eating better—and not worrying that your dentures will fall out!

What Is the Price of Dental Implants?

We have been able to bring down the price of dental implants over the years through improved technologies. Plus, we strive to help our patients with the price, because we want you to experience the improved quality of life they can offer.

Our dental implants can last longer than other dental appliances, yet they come at the same price. You can receive an implant, a crown, and the abutment that joins them all for $2,499.

Our financing team member can help you with a payment plan, which can carry 0% interest. This is to cover the out-of-pocket costs your insurance doesn’t pay.

What Is the Implant Process?

Every patient is unique, but here is the general process for receiving dental implants:

  • Implant Exam: Through a dental examination and x-rays, we check that your jawbone is ready to receive a tooth implant.
  • Modeling: We can take impressions to create a model of your teeth and jaw. This will guide us to the strongest implant sites during surgery.
  • Bone Grafts: If your jawbone is too thin in some places, we can graft more bone onto it.
  • Implant Placement: Under an anesthetic—and optional sedative—we’ll precisely place your implants.
  • Healing Abutment: We place a healing abutment, or cap, to help your tissue heal in a natural-looking way over several months.
  • Crown Placement: Your dentist will place an abutment and crown on the implant when it has become a solid part of your jaw.

We allow this process to include the natural healing time. This will ensure that your implants become very stable for the long-term. Once this process is finished, you won’t have to think about your implants—they’ll just work.

Contact Nixa Smiles About Dental Implants

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