Join the Dental Benefit Plan.
Get FREE exams and X-rays as low as $25/mo per person.

In our Dental Benefit Plan, you will receive:

  • 2 annual regular checkups.
  • Maintenance x-rays (as needed).
  • 20% off dental services
    • Excludes orthodontics, implants, and whitening
    • 10% off dental services with use of Care Credit
  • 2 annual routine cleanings
    • In absence of gingivitis and gum disease
    • Periodontal therapy may be required before routine cleanings can be performed
    • If patient is in a periodontal maintenance program, 2 out of 4 annual cleanings included
  • 50% off sedation
    • $150 value
  • Fluoride Varnish
    • During annual checkups, up to age 16
  • Benefits include a yearly savings value of $649, not including the 20% off additional services!

Single and Group Pricing options

  • Adult Single: $25/month or $300 yearly
  • Adult Couple: $40/month or $480 yearly
  • Each Dependent (18 and under): $10/month or $120/year
    • In addition to Adult Single or Adult Couple Plan

*Each monthly plan subject to a $10 set up fee.
*Monthly billing will be automatically taken from your choice of credit card on the 15th of each month.