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Staff there were very friendly and knowledgeable. Environment was clean and calming. We were given different options for care and staff were honest about payment and insurance options. I would certainly recommend this dental office.

- Sumerly M.

Nixa Smiles is a fantastic dentistry service! Every experience I have with them is top knotch, and I am always looking forward to my next visit.

- Garrett L.

My wife and I are so glad we found Dr. Dove at Nixa Smiles. Everyone from the front office staff to the technicians are so friendly and a pleasure to deal with. We have never felt like just a patient, it’s more like you are a friend.

-Terri M.

Your Guide To Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants And Are They Right For You?

Do you find yourself trying to hide your smile or have trouble chewing food because of missing teeth? Have you tried dentures but are tired of them falling out when you eat or laugh? If any of these sounds like you then dental implants may be a great solution.

  • Dental implants replace missing teeth, and help restore your smile to increase esthetics and chewing function; making you smile both look great and chew better!
  •  Dental implants can stabilize your denture. By attaching your denture to implants, you can dramatically improve the fit and function. No more having your teeth fall out during lunch or laughing.
  • Hate your denture? Dental implants can also get rid of your denture. It’s possible to now have all your teeth replaced by dental implants and be done with your denture forever.
  • Dental implants can look and feel like the natural teeth you used to have!
  • They are permanent! No worries about anything coming loose or falling out!

What Exactly Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant actually consists of 3 parts. The implant itself, an abutment and a crown.

  • The Implant Itself – The actual implant is usually made of titanium and takes the place of your tooth root. The implant is seated directly into your jawbone bone where the titanium fuses with your bone over time. Because of this, implants can last you a lifetime. Giving you the same function and convenience as a normal tooth.
  •  The Crown – The crown is the part of the implant set that you actually see when you smile.
  •  The Abutment – The abutment is simply the piece that ties the implant and the crown together.

How Much Do Implants Cost?

Most people think that dental implants cost more than they actually do. Due to advancement in technology, the cost has been reduced significantly over the years. In our office, we believe that the quality of life that a proper dental implant provides should be available to everyone. That is why you can now get a permanent dental implant for the same price, if not less than a bridge. And unlike a bridge, you will never have to worry about grinding down other teeth over time. We offer the dental implant, plus abutment and crown starting at $2499. Our in-office specialist will be glad to assist you with arranging special financing (often at 0%) for any cost out of pocket that you may incur.

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What Is The Implant Process Like And Does It Hurt?

Below is a general outline of what to expect as you begin the process of getting your implant. Please note that every case is different.

Your Implant Exam

We will use x-rays and a clinical exam to make sure you have enough bone for the implant.

Models Of Your Teeth

For more complex cases, impressions will be taken to create a guide for the placement of your implant.

Bone Grafting

In the case where you do not have enough bone, we can sometimes do a bone graft, where we add bone to make sure you have enough for the implant to fit correctly and stabilize properly.

Placement Of Your Implant

During this surgical visit, precision guided channels are created. The your implant will be placed and covered with tissue for 2-6 months. The process is usually using local anesthetic and possibly a sedative.

Healing Cap

A healing cap or abutment will then be placed to help ensure your tissue will have the proper contour to make your crown look as natural as possible.

Permanent Crown Cemented

When your doctor has determined enough time has passed for your implant to fuse properly, your abutment will be installed and your permanent crown cemented.

What About All In One Day?

In most cases, it is best to do your implant in a two-step process. This gives your implant time to fuse to your jawbone giving you the best chance of having a solid long lasting implant.

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